Improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs by transforming your payment and collections process

TALKINGTECH delivers flexible, self-service, digital payments for financial services, government, telecoms and utilities organisations, providing global services and support 24/7.

Mobile Payments




Reduce collections costs

Shift your collections strategy to self-service and automated digital payments. TALKINGTECH helps companies achieve up to 80% reduction in collection costs.                                   

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Improve customer engagement

Deliver personalised communications through multiple channels with TALKINGTECH. End-customers have ease and flexibility to pay by IVR, SMS, Direct Debit, web and mobile to increase the overall brand experience. TALKINGTECH delivers capabilities across channels, such as payment plans, alerts, appointment management and Voice of the Customer (VoC). 



Guarantee compliance and security

TALKINGTECH has the highest levels of industry compliance and security, including facilitating payments through a Level 1 PCI DSS accredited payment gateway. View TALKINGTECH's Certifications and Compliance Information


Digital that isn’t disruptive

With just one data file, your collections process can be rapidly transformed, with no need to upgrade or replace. Digital payments and communications are delivered through a hosting model to integrate with any existing system.


A collections strategy for your business

TALKINGTECH has over 30 years of experience and consultancy to tailor digital collections for your business, providing measurable results based on agreed KPI’s. TALKINGTECH identifies where payments can be streamlined, focussing on automation and self-service to reduce costs and free up valuable resources.                                     

Self serve

Simplify affordability assessments

TALKINGTECH reduces the burden and cost of assessing current and long-term affordability, whilst ensuring Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) compliance. Learn More About SMARTIE I&E Forms



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