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In line with our purpose to help companies in the telecoms, utilities and financial services sectors design and implement payment strategies which improve customer loyalty and cost efficiency, we’ve just launched SMARTIE to the UK market. 

It’s a new proprietary intelligent self-service data validation tool to support more accurate income & expenditure forms – which the call centre agent, customer or both can complete across multiple digital devices for true operational efficiency.

SMARTIE enables service providers to put the customer at the centre of I&E requirements, whilst meeting the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) compliance requirements by pre-populating and validating against real-time bureau data. 

The benefits the tool brings mean companies can:


1. Enhance the customer experience to:

  • Better understand customers and their true financial situation
  • Increase customer education and accountability
  • Improve communication and interaction internally and with customers


2. Improve operational practices by:

  • Becoming more efficient and aligning the business to be FCA compliant – first-time
  • Significantly reduce average call handling time through pre-population and customer self-serve
  • Increase the rate of kept payment arrangements as a result of more accurate I&E capture
  • Generating rapid and measureable return on investment from using SMARTIE


That’s smarter. That’s SMARTIE


Contact us at our European office in London to find out more.