TALKINGTECH takes an in-depth and objective look inside business-to-consumer organisations and identifies areas where improved and coordinated Payment solutions can reduce customer churn and operational costs.

This is achieved through: global experience built up over 30 years, best practice expert solutions, best-of-breed intelligence technology and one of the world’s largest customer-behaviour data banks.

Strategically-led Payment Solutions


Disparate payment systems are complex and not only hard to manage for the organisation, but also appear disconnected to the customer. If customers must go looking for the option that best suits them, they are more inclined to also look at competitive options – a risk to customer retention.

We collect data from all relevant sources, paint an accurate picture of client behaviour and preference, analyse patterns or variations and establish effective Next Best Actions that reduce costs. TALKINGTECH Identifies and provides appropriate Payment options, providing: customer choice, ease of use and cost efficiency; using a strategically-led and coordinated approach.

Relationship Intelligence


By opening windows in to behavioural aspects of our clients’ customers, we build a picture of customer preference and engage with them in a respectful way that prevents churn.

Starting with tracking customers’ behaviour, TALKINGTECH adds insight from observations of trends and customer profiles, and applies automated intelligence to create the Next Best Action. By activating the most appropriate action that is relevant and respectful of the individual customer’s situation, this in turn has an affect on our customers’ future behaviour – ultimately in the form of customer loyalty. We call this Relationship Intelligence.

Consistent and Integrated Communications


All other forms of business/customer communications (take marketing for example) need to be respectful, with a consistent look and feel that is integral to positive brand perception. Payments should not be viewed any differently. They need to be seen as a form of customer engagement – a form of business/customer communications.

Across all channels, TALKINGTECH takes existing disparate communication systems and creates an ‘Omni-channel’ approach that both coordinates all customer Payment options and ensures a unified brand consistency.

Ease and Flexibility of Payment Options


Ultimately, the execution of TALKINGTECH strategies creates flexibility that makes it easy for customers to pay their bill. Choice and flexibility increases customer satisfaction, brand loyalty and also fosters prompt payment – a win/win business/customer engagement.

Cost Efficiency


Our services are ‘budgetary negative’, delivering measurable strategies with impacts on reducing the bottom line far outweighing the cost.

Utilising world-leading best-of-breed solutions, TALKINGTECH identifies expensive and wasteful payment areas, putting greater focus on increased automation and self-service options where improvements have a direct benefit on the bottom line, or serve to free up valuable resources.