The vision of the TALKINGTECH Foundation is twofold. First and foremost we focus on “Improving Education & Healthcare for the disadvantaged, through Innovation & Technology”. Secondly, we aim to challenge organisations and individuals to explore generosity; we like to call it “Living life open handed.”


The TALKINGTECH Foundation aims to engage in projects which would typically fly under the radar of larger charitable organisations. Since 2004 we have given out over NZD $1 million to these smaller projects, which enables us to form a solid ongoing connection and relationship with the project and key individuals. These connections enable us to track project successes and also be on hand should further assistance be required. We have found that these ongoing relationships greatly assist not only the benefactor, but also us as an organisation.

For us, transparency and accountability are crucial measures of success. It is therefore vitally important that every effort is made to ensure that all funds invested are spent wisely, resulting in the best possible outcome.

Raising awareness, of those around us in need, is also very important to the Foundation. Often, fundamental needs are overlooked simply because we are not exposed to them. If we are able to connect those who need our help with others wanting to give, then we have made a significant achievement. The power of generosity is that a small sacrifice on our part can initiate a transformation in the life of someone in need.

Supporting you

We are open to considering future projects / grants. Please contact us at with a brief overview of your request.

Supporting us

If you or your organisation are interested in partnering with us, to make a real difference, we would love to discuss potential projects with you.

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