TALKINGTECH’s strategic advisory services provide corporations with smarter ways to keep more customers and reduce costs.

Nearly 30 years of global industry intelligence.


TALKINGTECH was established in 1986 and grew to be a global leader in customer engagement and payment technology solutions for some of the world’s largest bluechip companies. With offices servicing UK, Europe, North America, India, Africa and Australasia, TALKINGTECH now provides strategic advisory services to a wide range of major mobile, telecommunications and utility companies all around the world.

TALKINGTECH have amassed almost 30 years of expertise and global industry intelligence, particularly in the areas of Customer Engagement, Payments and Collections. With increasing demand from clients for strategic end-to-end solutions and results-based remuneration, we have added some of Europe’s smartest strategists to arguably the world’s largest data bank of customer-behavior intelligence.

Measurable customer engagement strategies that save money.


Customer engagement is the single biggest challenge facing organisations with large numbers of customers and TALKINGTECH provides a better, smarter way to reduce both customer churn and costs using innovative customer engagement strategies. We deliver customer engagement strategies that are measured against tailored KPI metrics.

Our services are also ‘budgetary-negative’ – they actually save our clients money. And because our fees are tied to results, it is really a win/win situation.

A better approach to payment management.


We have chosen to focus on the Payments phase of the customer relationship life-cycle, including the management of the Direct Debit process, because we have discovered that globally, this is the single biggest untapped area to affect customer loyalty.

What TALKINGTECH does differently, is to create Payments solutions that put the customer at the centre of the process. Like any other form of customer communication, Payment channels should be coordinated and integrated, creating brand consistency and customer-centric choice.

We identify areas for improvement and create strategically-led Payment processes, using TALKINGTECH’s Relationship Intelligence model and deployed using an Omni-channel approach. We achieve this through: global experience, best practice expert solutions, best-of-breed intelligence technology and one of the world’s largest and comprehensive customer-behaviour data banks.

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Our Management Team:

Phil Stark - Chief Executive Officer

Thomas Hanrahan - Chief Financial Officer

Darin Gillies - Chief Technology Officer

Alan Moss - Head of Product Management

Grant de Leeuw - General Manager UK

Sean Young - General Manager North America

Stephen Lowe - Regional Sales Manager New Zealand

Michael Chatfield - Account Director Australia & Asia

Roos-Maryn Opperman - Business Development Director North America

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